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Note from the editor: A special thanks to Desyrée Girão and Alessadro Chmiel! You made it possible guys!



Revista Xenite: One of the things that fans see as most admirable in you, Renée, is how much attention you offered and still does to the Xenaverse; how attentive you show yourself to the fans and the consideration to all your admirers, of the actress Renée and the “Gabrielle Renée”. After all these years, what does Xena – Warrior Princess mean to you and how much of Gabrielle remains on you?

Renée O’Connor: Xena was an incredible opportunity for me to see how powerful storytelling can unfold, from the concept, to the characters, to the love from the fans. I realize I was in the perfect place to see my own life story unfolding in getting the role that I needed at the time to mature personally and professionally. 

RX: Is there any possibility of your fans seeing you again in the fantasy gender, in a future role at Robert Tapert and Sam Raimi’s series, Spartacus and Legend of the Seeker? Is there any acting area or a kind of character you still want to explore?

ROC: I have not plans for visiting either show. I have been highly focused on developing my own projects. The acting projects I am interested in usually have complex characters who drive the story forward.

RX:In the promo of your new series, Ark, you have been shown in a lot of action scenes. We know that back in those “Xena days”, you used to practice kickboxing. And for playing Connie, did you make any sort of special preparation, like practicing any sort of martial art?

 ROC: I was practicing Tae Kwon Do at the time Ark was filmed. I have taken about a year off from training, as I spend more time on my projects right now.

RX: What is you major day-by-day inspiration? Even to compose a character, or to make a painting, whatever, what does stimulate Renée O’Connor?

 ROC: I live in the moment, follow my heart, and resist compromising my dreams. 

RX:You must know how important you are in our lives, how we think of you everyday as someone we would like to be. We, fans from Brazil, became mostly happy with your coming to our country. What did you think about Brazil and about the event with your fans? Do you have plans to visit Brazil any other times?

 ROC: Brazil is a beautiful country, in the scenery and the graciousness of its people. I do look forward to a return one day.


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