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Interview by Titus Torres


  1. There are so many great poems on your website. How old were you when you started writing poetry? And what about your books?

I started writing poetry pretty young, around 10yrs old. My dad was part of a poetry series in my hometown and I was inspired by him to participate.  As I recall my first poem was about the sea and the waves and how a pelican can look like a man bobbing out between the waves. I wrote my first song when I was about 2, it went like this:

‘Flies, oh flies,

Flies go by

Oh fly by’

It was obviously a hot sticky summer song 😉

  1. How was the invitation to participate on Xena, Warrior Princess? You were involved with another project, so how Xena came up in your life?

I auditioned for Xena in Los Angeles, it was originally just a 2-episode role, but Miss Amarice kept coming back, I guess the fans like her 😉 And I was more than happy to play her, until it conflicted with the filming of Cleopatra 2525. I wanted to try to keep doing both, but the producers felt it was too much of a conflict.

  1. What is you major day-by-day inspiration? Even to compose a character, or to write a poem or a story, whatever, what does stimulate you as an artist?

The world, the sea, humanity, music, books, words on the subway…I am always open and watching, and excited to live and hear and feel and see.

  1. Everyone in the series, you, Lucy Lawless, Renée O’Connor, Ted Raimi and so on, all of you have a huge number of fans here in Brazil. Could you comment a little bit about working with these great people?

Working with Lucy and Renee was the perfect training on how to be professional and kind on a set. They were true friends and respected everyone who worked on the production, and obviously greatly love and embrace their amazing fans. I even wrote Lucy a “love” letter after my first 2 episodes on how she was my role model in how to be a star. I would love to see what that letter actually said but I know I was very inspired by her grace. Renee has this deep kindness that is so beautiful. Ted was always sweet and funny and a gentleman.

  1. Would you attend the 2011 XenaCon?

I would like to attend every Con from here till eternity 😉

  1. Would you like to come to Brazil someday? Renée has been here once. The fans for sure would be delighted to see you here.

Would love to!

  1. Are you a subtexter (a person who believes that Xena and Gabrielle are lovers or soulmates) or a shipper (a non-subtexter, who believes they are just good friends)?

I definitely believe Xena and Gabby were soulmates.

  1. You were also great in Cleopatra 2525, what was easier for you? Playing an Amazon Role in the ancient Greece or an action role in a futuristic show?

Amarice was the favorite role I ever played. I loved the fighting and running around in the forest in tight leather shorts 😉

Cleo was much harder work over all.

  1. What is your favorite episode in Xena, Warrior Princess? Why?

I had the most fun filming Animal Attraction because of the comedy and humor.

  1. What is your favorite character other than you?

Is this a trick question? 😉 The whole of the Xena universe was awesome.

  1. What did Xena, Warrior Princess, changed in your life, as an actress and as a person?

Spending so much time in New Zealand was defiantly life changing; the beauty of the country and the people will be with me for the rest of my live.

  1. Your leaving the series was somehow left in the shadows, with Amarice supposed death while Xena and Gabrielle were frozen. Do you think your character deserved something better? How did you feel about it? How would you figure Amarice’s ending, and what would you do if you could change it?

I was signed on to do 5 more episodes of Xena as Amarice, but then I was cast as Cleopatra and had to give up Amarice. Her journey was defiantly cut a bit short, and I think if Xena had still been filming when Cleopatra wrapped I would have asked to come back for at least one more episode.

  1. We know Xena is a TV show that is focused in the redemption of a warrior who is always seeking for forgiveness. What’s your opinion about Hercules and Gabrielle in Xena’s life, regarding to the changes they were responsible for in Xena’s personality? Do you think the ending of her story was fair, considering she had to sacrifice herself and leave Gabrielle, to be able to achieve redemption?

I think the character arc of Xena was perfectly done. The end while sad—I cried as Gabby set sail on that ship—was part of a hero’s journey, sacrifice is the ultimate price and proof of love and change. It also seems that the writers indicated Xena was still and would always be present in Gabby life.

  1. Could you tell us a little bit about Seaspray?

Seaspray is about a girl named Eden growing up in South Florida, and the mystery of her mother. There is a lot of magic and supernatural elements, like Twilight. The Greek myth of Aphrodite is involved. I’m so in love with this story and can’t wait to have the time to once again get into Eden’s world and finish the first book. I hope to be done with a first draft in September.

We just want to say how we appreciate the opportunity of interviewing you, how much we enjoyed your participation in XWP, and how kind you are to answer all of our questions. We, Xenites, wish only the best for you! Kisses and hugs from the RX (Revista Xenite) staff!

So much love and thank you for inviting me to participate!

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